Race Winners

The male and female race winners from all previous years are listed below.

 Male Winners  
1989Derek StevensHastings AC1.08.04
1990Jamie HernonHastings AC1.10.01
1991Mark MoughtonShaftesbury Harriers1.11.08
1992Seb ShepleyLondon Irish1.09.35
1993Vladimir ShtyrtsRunning Free Ekaterinbu1.07.48
1994Jamie HernonHastings AC1.10.27
1995Ryan ParryTonbridge AC1.08.18
1996Chris LoizouHerne Hill Harriers1.11.23
1997Mark LinbourneMedway AC1.07.39
1998Barry RoydenMedway AC1.06.28
1999Gareth WilliamsMedway AC1.08.25
2000Steve HarrisPhoenix AC1.07.58
2001 No race held due to foot and mouth 
2002Barry RoydenMedway AC1.07.46
2003James McGaugheyKent AC1.10.35
2004Barry RoydenMedway & Maidstone AC1.08.57
2005Biniam AndeHastings AC1.10.47
2006Paul HaslerPaddock Wood AC1.11.07
2007James BakerChichester Runners AC1.09.33
2008Jamie AtkinsonBlackheath & Bromley AC1.10.37
2009William LevettTonbridge AC1.08.43
2010William LevettTonbridge AC1.09.50
2011John HutchinsBasingstoke & Mid Hants1.09.01
2012Will MacKayBedford & County AC1.09.04
2013Frank TicknerWells City Harriers1.05.06
2014Nicholas KiruiRun Fast1.05.28
2015Toby LambertWinchester AC1.07.09
2016Ben ShearerCambridge Harriers1.09.28
2017Daniel GaffneySouth London Harriers1.08.36
2018John GilbertKent AC1.05.18
2019Nicholas TorrySerpentine1:05:34
2020Not held due to Covid 19 Pandemic  
2021Nick DawsonWorthing AC1:07:51

* Course records are highlighted in red.

 Female Winners  
1989Susan MartinMedway AC1.22.16
1990Bronwyn Cardy WiseBromsgrove & Reditch AC1.17.12
1991Susan MartinMedway AC1.21.01
1992Lesley TaylorCollingwood AC1.24.29
1993Susan MartinMedway AC1.19.18
1994Bonnie ApplebyMedway AC1.22.21
1995Susan Martin-ClarkeMedway AC1.23.28
1996Janice MoorekiteInvicta East Kent1.20.46
1997Susan Martin-ClarkeDartford Harriers1.25.27
1998Tina OldershawPaddock Wood AC1.22.30
1999Carol McKinalay EvansSouth London Harriers1.22.10
2000Andrea GreenDartford Harriers1.16.05
2001 No race held due to foot and mouth 
2002Alison FletcherDulwich Runners1.15.22
2003Debbie SullivanHavering1.19.35
2004Alison FletcherDulwich Runners1.17.43
2005Sharon HawkinsMaidstone Harriers1.25.09
2006Sharon HawkinsInvicta East Kent1.23.48
2007Catherine WildingSerpentine Running Club1.20.20
2008Tina OldershawPaddock Wood AC1.21.09
2009Clare ElmsDulwich Runners AC1.20.33
2010Tina OldershawPaddock Wood AC1.20.02
2011Clare ElmsDulwich Runners AC1.19.23
2012Tina OldershawPaddock Wood AC1.20.23
2013Tina OldershawPaddock Wood AC1.20.57
2014Tish JonesBelgrave Harriers1.13.25
2015Clare ElmsDulwich Runners AC1.22.38
2016Tracy BarlowThames Valley Harriers1.15.48
2017Tracy BarlowThames Valley Harriers1.14.07
2018Lucy ReidTonbridge AC1.16.19
2019Eilidh BellTeam Bath1:19:03
2020Not held due to Covid 19 Pandemic  
2021Izzy CoomberLewes AC1:21:28

* Course records are highlighted in red.

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